Driveway cleaning service using a radial brush. Gently removes moss, weeds & algae

Driveways, paths and hard-surfaces can become unsightly with moss, weeds and also slippery when wet with algae growth. Here at Driveway Geeks, our approach uses a motorised radial brush technique to gently remove moss and weeds from most hard-surfaces such as block paving, concrete, tarmac, cobbles and ideal for driveway cleaning. We can also apply a range of after-treatments to keep your hard surfaces clear of moss, weeds and algae – preserving its attractive appearance for months.


No Scraping Joints
No Pressure Washing
No Re-Sanding

We can help

  • Driveway looking dreary?
  • Overgrown with moss & weeds?
  • Slippery surfaces?
  • Looking for a tidier appearance?
  • Selling your property?

Step 1

Arrival: Driveway Geeks will arrive on a pre-arranged day and will get to work gently cleaning with our specially angled rotating brush getting into grooves and crevices of your hard-surface, removing moss and detritus along the way.

Step 2

Tidy up: All the moss, weeds and surface detritus is removed from the block paving, driveway or hard surface leaving a very tidy enhanced area adding curb-appeal to your property.

Step 3

After treatment: Once the area is clear we can apply a bio degradable surfactant (pet and child friendly) using a knapsack sprayer, which will gently clean the area and this can help keep the area moss and algae free for months*

We can clean:

  • Driveways, paths and most hard surfaces such as:
  • Tarmac
  • Block Paving
  • Concrete
  • Rubber Crumb i.e – around the base of climbing frames
  • Cobblestone surfaces
  • New Driveways: Keep your driveway free from moss, algae and weeds with our range of treatments.
  • Algae: Paving can be prone to slippery and unsightly algae. Ask about our simple treatments to help reduce this for months.
  • Overgrown Areas: Pathways and unused car park areas can quickly become overgrown with moss and weeds due to lack of use or poor maintenance which can lead to poor drainage and an unsightly appearance.

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